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Career Opportunity – Clinical Supervisor – Salem, AR

May 3, 2021

1st Choice Healthcare is accepting applications through May 17, 2021, for Clinical Supervisor for our Salem Clinic.

General Description of Duties and Responsibilities:

The Clinical Supervisor is responsible for directing and coordinating the daily clinical operations of the clinic according to the established policies and procedures.  This person works as a part of the care team and is responsible for leadership, direction, and clinical supervision of the healthcare team.  This person will manage people well and have the respect of the team.  Must be able to make decisions and be able to deal with a variety of situations or problems. Works with and has access to confidential patient information. Position requires a high degree of mental alertness and close visual attention to details. Employee should maintain a professional image and manner in dealing with patients, families, visitors, and clinic personnel. This position has high contact with patients, employees, and providers. Attendance is an essential job function. This is a Safety Sensitive position.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities: (Essential Job Function)

Patient Relations

  1. Implements and monitors standards of patient care that are in compliance with all applicable regulations and standards.
  2. Coordinates and facilitates the health care service of patients. 
  3. Prepares patients for examination including the identification of the chief complaint, taking of vital signs, height, weight, etc., and ensures smooth patient flow throughout the clinic.
  4. Keeps ill patients comfortable until seen by a physician or nurse practitioner.
  5. Ensures patient confidentiality, and provides patients with needed information.
  6. Any additional duties that are appropriate for the effective functioning of the center.

Staff Relations/Team Building

  1. Assist physicians and nurse practitioners in healthcare activities, the performance of diagnostic and/or therapeutic procedures, and the administration of medications as necessary.
  2. Guides and directs the activities of the nursing staff and other appropriate members of the clinical team.
  3. Performs other necessary duties as required by the Clinic Director, CNO, or Medical Director/Associate Medical Director to meet the goal of providing primary health care services.
  4. Performs necessary duties of the Quality Improvement Committee.  Assist in the collection of data for a health care plan.
  5. Supervise and evaluate all nursing staff at the clinic.
  6. Interacts with management, professional staff, and other personnel by answering questions related to the clinical operation of the clinic.

Clinical Duties

  1. Accountable for both the provision of nursing care and the coordination of care for the patient in collaboration with the health care team.
  2. Triage’s walk-ins and phone calls.
  3. In the absence of adequate nursing staff, this person will fill in to assist providers to maintain patient flow.
  4. Maintain adequate stock of medical supplies and materials used in the clinic, and maintain inventory.
  5. Position requires a high degree of mental alertness and close visual attention to details.

Administrative Duties

  1. Makes independent judgment decisions regarding all aspects of planning and implementation of assigned responsibilities.
  2. Maintains administrative supervision of the nursing staff and other appropriate clinical staff.
  3. Organize, administer, and coordinate the work of clinical staff in accordance with established policies and procedures.
  4. Helps coordinate any community service functions that include clinical staff. Enhance public relations, coordinate activities, and plans, and promote health programs.
  5. Work with Management Team in the development, implementation, and operation of a Continuous Quality Improvement Program.
  6. Promote staff development and be responsible for continuing professional education of clinical personnel.
  7. Help supervise any accreditation activities of 1st Choice Healthcare.
  8. Help maintain and update 1st Choice Healthcare manuals, coordinates staff in-services.
  9. Organizes and maintains monthly nursing/provider work schedule.

Quality Improvement Activities

  1. Participate in tracking Health Care Plan and Quality Improvement Plan goals and objectives and protocols and assist in correcting deficiencies, as needed.  Performs duties in accordance with applicable standards.
  2. Facilitates, communicates, and supports the activities needed to obtain measurable results of continuous improvement.
  3. Coordinates peer review and chart audit activities.
  4. Is involved in continuous Quality Improvement standards.

Safety/Infection Control Activities

  1. Ensures an appropriate environment for the administration of healthcare by keeping exam rooms, nurse’s stations, all equipment, and other work areas in a clean, safe, and orderly fashion.
  2. Work with Safety Officer for clinic site and be responsible for meeting OSHA standards.  Ensures that all environments of care procedures are maintained.
  3. Performs all job duties in compliance with 1st Choice Healthcare, Inc. Safety and Infection Control Policies.
  4. Has the ability to work in a constant state of alertness and in a safe manner.
  5. The ability to maintain confidential information.
  6. Must be able to concentrate for long periods of time.
  7. Must be able to work safely with medications

Reporting Relationship

The Clinical Supervisor reports to and is supervised by the Clinic Director and/or Chief Nursing Officer. 


The evaluation of work performance will be ongoing, and will be carried out by the Clinic Director, CNO, or the Medical Director/Associate Medical Director.  It will include the specific duties, and responsibilities of this position description plus employee attitudes, and general working behavior.  The formal evaluation will normally be performed annually but may be initiated at other times by the Clinic Director, CNO, or the Chief Executive Officer.


  1. Current Licensure of a Registered Nurse in Arkansas.
  2. Three to five years experience in a supervisory or administrative capacity strongly preferred.  
  3. Ability to identify problems and recommend solutions.
  4. Leadership capabilities.
  5. Sufficient experience to carry out the duties of this position.
  6. Must be self-motivated.
  7. Ability to relate with warmth and effectiveness to the patients and to the providers of the community health center.
  8. Must be qualified in Basic Life Support techniques.
  9. BLS, PALS, and ACLS training will be provided at the next available training.

Work Hours:

A minimum of forty (40) hours per week is required.

Application Process:

You can apply online, or mail your letter of interest, resume, and references to:

1st Choice Healthcare
Attn: Human Resource Manager
Corning, AR 72422

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